(In)sensitive townscapes

EASA Apathy, Riia st. 2, Valga, Estonia

Our cities are full of structures left to rot or die in a rush of cold blooded rationality. We pass them every day, without ever realizing that their unique stories are constantly vanishing, brick after brick. Such blind apathy towards the invisible yet unique parts of the city fabric should be reconsidered as it leads us to a local memory and eventually identity loss. We are proposing a method of creative visual and narrative documentation, allowing us fight back by peeking inside and bringing it all back to the light of the day.

Choose a derelict building, search for its story, document it in an artistic way and map the landscape of interesting yet abandoned structures from all around Europe. The (In)sensitive townscapes exhibition collects all of the unique building documentations created during the workshop and showcases them in the abandoned space of a former second hand shop.