Playground - Boat

Keliaujančios architektūros dirbtuvės, Baleliai, Ukmergės county, Lithuania

I was just one of many young, motivated and wishful people who descended into the wild countryside of Lithuania with a task to cheer up and educate the small village kids through the act of designing and building a common playground. Education through participation and positive changes in the every day landscapes stimulated not only the kids, but the whole village. We found a beautiful, yet neglected spot near the firefighting pond. The nearby water shaped the ideas inside the kids heads as they all designed and drew marine themed playground. The idea was clear - we had to build a boat. However, in 5 days that could be too utopian even for such a workshop. But we did not despair and found a solution - to re-use various abandoned structures, laying around the town. The old basketball frame, became the bow of the vessel, while a metal platform was turned into the steering point. We added a flagpole and the ship was complete! The utopian ideas were realized in just 5 days. Architecture on light-speed!